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When an application for an ICC-ES listing is received, the ICC-ES technical staff will review the package to determine if the listing can be issued using existing applicable standards and codes. Applicants are required to submit test reports, samples, drawings, installation instructions, calculations, and/or other supporting data which will substantiate the product’s performance as being in compliance with the applicable codes and standards.

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Rules of Procedure for Listings

Private Label Listings

ICC-ES allows report holders to authorize the issuing of separate listings to companies that distribute, under their own names, the products covered in a listing report. Such reports, known as “private label” listings, are inextricably linked to the original listing report (the “master” report) and must match that report except when the scope granted to the follower report is limited by the master report holder.

In order to apply for a private label listing, the following items are needed in conjunction with an ICC-ES Listing Application:

  • An Application for Private Label Listing Evaluation Report, signed by both the master report holder and the applicant for the private label listing.
  • Application fee (contact us for details). Fees may be adjusted based upon the renewal date of the private label listing, which must match that of the master report.
  • A copy of the product label for the privately labeled product, or a written description of how the product will be labeled for identification in the field. The labeling must be consistent with the labeling requirements in the master report, except for company name and product name.
  • In most cases, the private label report will be identical to the master report, except for the name of the report holder and possibly the name of the recognized product. In instances where this is not the case, there must be a letter, signed jointly by the master report holder and the private label applicant, that specifies the scope of private label listing (i.e., products and/or conditions in the master report that are not to be included in the follower).

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ICC-ES can list your product under any existing consensus standard. Please contact us to further discuss your specific listing needs at 1-800-423-6587 x3272, or by
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