PMG Inspections

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The  rules of procedure for plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas product listings require two types of inspections:

Qualifying (Initial) Inspections

A qualifying (initial) inspection is part of the listing application process. The purpose of the qualifying inspection is to determine whether the manufacturer’s quality system has been successfully implemented and/or to verify that the manufactured product is the same as the product presented for recognition.

Qualifying inspections are required for:

  • New listing applications
  • And for additional manufacturing facilities being added to an existing listing

 Qualifying Inspection Form

Surveillance Inspections

A surveillance inspection, conducted after a listing has been issued, verifies that the listed products are the same as originally recognized.

Surveillance inspections of manufacturing facilities must be conducted, at a minimum, once per year unless otherwise noted in procedures and involve, as applicable:

  • Verifying the effectiveness of corrective actions taken to resolve non-conformances found during previous inspections
  • Review of the use of the ICC-ES PMG listing mark
  • Review of product labeling as required with the applicable standard
  • Review of complaint records
  • Review of calibration records
  • Review of any changes to the quality manual and procedures that may affect listed products
  • Random selection of listed products for testing

 Surveillance Inspection Form

Conducting the Inspections

A listee may request that the inspections be conducted by ICC-ES, or the listee may retain a third-party inspection body that has a contractual agreement with ICC-ES and that is accredited by the International Accreditation Service as meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17020, General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection.

Note:  The third-party inspection body must complete the ICC-ES inspection form.